Post Trauma Support

Post-Trauma Support or Critical Incident Stress Management as it is sometimes known.

Ensure the wellbeing of your staff and reduce the long-term effects of a critical incident.


A critical or traumatic incident may include the loss of a colleague, an industrial accident, security threat or terrorist incident. Post-trauma support may also be required where an organisation is making large-scale redundancies.

Responding promptly when such an incident occurs is vital in achieving a rapid return to normal business functioning with minimal effect on your company’s staff wellbeing or productivity.

Critical Incident can and almost certainly will, cost your Company through psychological distress, and staff absence.

The emphasis is always on keeping people safe and returning them quickly to more normal levels of functioning.

Normal is different for everyone, and it is not easy to quantify. Critical incidents raise stress levels dramatically in a short period of time and after treatment a new normal is established, however, it is always higher than the old level.

The purpose of the intervention process is to establish or set the new normal stress levels as low as possible.

Critical incidents are traumatic events that cause powerful emotional reactions in people who are exposed to those events.

Some staff “trying to recover or deal with it”, will use humor as a defense mechanism. For others alcohol or possibly other drugs/medications may be used to self-medicate in “worst case” situations.

All of which will in the longer term cost the Company in time lost, legal fees and distress in “letting an employee go” who “fails to cope and move forward”. However, when Professional intervention is actioned without delay, this can and does make all the difference.

The type of intervention used depends on the situation, the number of people involved, and their proximity to the event. The goal of the intervention is to address the trauma along the general progression towards recovery. Watching for individuals who are not coping well and offering additional assistance, is always talked through at the conclusion of the process with Managers.

In conclusion:

Act fast, don’t delay, protect you staff and at the same time protect the Company funds towards future investment.

The cost of this Service is £950. 00 per day for on-site attendance (maximum of 15 attendees. Larger numbers can be negotiated separately).