Clinical Supervision

Supportive reflection with an experienced supervisor in Tavistock

Clinical Supervision

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What can I expect from clinical supervision?

Supervision – also known as consultative support – is a confidential process undertaken on a regular basis which allows counsellors to discuss their client work with someone who is experienced in counselling and qualified to support them. It’s designed to maintain adequate standards of counselling to protect and ensure the best interests of clients.

How much supervision should I have?

Trainee Counsellors

A minimum of around 1.5 hours of supervision per calendar month is usually mandatory for accredited counselling courses in the UK. Typically, the ratio will be 8 hours counselling to 1 hour of supervision, with supervision every two weeks. 

Qualified Counsellors

Qualified counsellors must take responsibility for their own supervision needs. A minimum of 1.5 hours per calendar month is recommended, which can be increased if you have a full caseload or reduced if you have no clients. 

How to choose a supervisor

When choosing a supervisor, it’s important to consider:

Your Development Goals

Outline your professional goals to help you shortlist supervisors who can help you achieve them.

Financial Investment

Supervision requires a lot of time, care, management and commitment and should be seen as the important investment it is. Calculate the most you can realistically afford for your clinical supervision requirements. 

Supervision Style

Once you have shortlisted supervisors based your development goals and finances, find out more about their style to ensure you find someone that is the ‘right fit’ for your supervision needs.

Kathy Kelly – Qualified Clinical Supervisor

Kathy Kelly is a Senior Accredited Therapist (MBACP) and qualified clinical supervisor who has experience of working with both trainee and qualified counsellors. She offers affordable face-to-face supervision to counsellors in and around the Tavistock area.

How much does supervision cost?

Individual Supervision – £85 per hour or £130 for 90 minutes

Group Supervision – £110 per hour or £165 for 90 minutes

Would you like supportive and structured face-to-face supervision with Kathy?

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