Anger can be defined as an emotional state induced by an impulse to attack, defend or protect as a perceived threat or challenge…………….

Has something happened that has lead you to check out this page??

Are you worried that your “temper” is getting more and more difficult to manage??

Are you flying off the handle much faster than you used to?

If you think about it Anger is one of the very first emotions that we experience as very small babies.

It’s a natural emotion borne out of frustration, and it’s a positive and constructive aid to survival.

Its function is to provide us with a vital boost of physical and emotional energy just when we need it most.

That said………………….Anger can become a problem when it occurs too frequently, is too intense, lasts too long, when it leads to aggression, or when it disrupts our relationships.

It has been said that Anger wrecks more relationships than any other emotion……………………….

So, if you are reading this page I imagine that you are seriously thinking that you “need help”?

Managing your anger is really, really important for you and those you care about and who care about you in return.


traffic lights


  • GREEN  – All is ok with you
  • AMBER  – “THINGS” or  “PEOPLE”  are starting to wind you up – Time to walk away from the situation.
  • RED –  STOP, STOP, STOP  – Walk away NOW.


When you are thinking of “finding a Professional” think about what you need from that Professional and what you need in order to be able to “relate to them” as building trust is a really important first step – and the 2nd step is finding the RIGHT Therapist for you..