Online CounsellingDo you feel like your schedule is too busy for therapy?

Are you unable to attend face-to-face appointments?

Would you prefer to talk to a qualified therapist by telephone or video call?

Counselling in the most convenient setting

Sometimes location and time restrictions prevent people from being able to attend regular face-to-face counselling sessions. To meet this demand, and in response to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, I now offer sessions via telephone or video call. 

Who is online counselling for?

My online counselling services are available to anyone. 

If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to travel to a therapist’s office, lack transport, or are busy with work or being a full-time parent, you can still benefit greatly from online counselling. Many people simply don’t have the time to fit a counselling appointment into their busy schedule but online sessions make it more convenient and accessible to everyone. 

How does online counselling work?

Online and telephone sessions are available as one-off appointments in addition to the usual short or ongoing arrangements. 

Each session lasts 50 minutes (the same length as face-to-face) and you have the choice to speak with me on the telephone or via, my secure video calling platform.

I recommend that you find a comfortable and quiet space free from any distractions and with a good internet or phone signal for your session. You might also want to have a drink and tissues close to hand, and some find it helpful to bring their journal or notepad for note-taking or sharing during the session.

To find out more about the online or telephone counselling process, get in touch with me.

Is online counselling effective?


Numerous studies have found that online counselling is as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy, and some have even concluded that it’s more effective in some instances. 

Is online counselling secure and confidential?

The communication platforms I use are WhatsApp and FaceTime. These are two of the most secure communication platforms that are available.

How much do online sessions cost?

Each 50 minute session costs £75. 

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